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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
Thanks for the elaborate answer !
I can see how different guitars, despite their feminine shape, also do have their own character and could well be seen as male either. That Josie being one of them for sure.
..and then I thought I knew your models Mark, but I hadn’t heard of a Bella so far... is that a discontinued one ?

Aah, just checked again.. Bella is a 4 string bass model on the base of the Bacchus... my oversight as I am not a bass player... sorry to cause confusion..
That Bella was a fun build. I made it for Graham Maby who is the bass player for the Joe Jackson band and has toured and played with all kinds of bands from They Might Be Giants to Bon Jovi. It was ADI on Claro Walnut with a wedge, f holes, and great big planetary geared cello tuners:

It's not discontinued but, I'm glad I didn't try to make a living making acoustic bass guitars!
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