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What's your studio/recording space like?

Spare bedroom, smallish but I record and edit with DAW there, and also use a stand-alone recorder for different room locations or remote recording.

What are your goals for recording your acoustic music?

I like the creative process and have done a few CD projects for other bands and also a few CD projects for acoustic bands Iím playing with. I pen a bunch of my own stuff and like to record versions so I can remember them later. Iím working on an entire concept project based on an ďinterestingĒ portion of my Dadís life in rural West Virginia. Iíll most likely distribute it openly, I find the whole concept of marketing rather distasteful. Itís almost as if music took a turn for the worse as soon as someone (Edison?) figured out a way to record and market it. Recording is the best example of the two-edged sward that I can think of.

What kind of music do you like to play/record?

Acoustic- based, usually including guitar, mando family, bass , and banjo.

Is your studio space treated? How?

It has lots of angles and is fairly dead due to carpeting and beds.

What's in your mic locker?

Consumer stuff. Rode LDCs and MDCs, Avantone SDCs, AKG C-1000, SM-57, MXL LDC, a few others.

Computer-based or standalone recorder?

Both. Depends on why, where, who, and what.

Recorder? DAW? Interface? Preamp? FX? Plug-in's? Ext. HD's for storage? Monitors? Headphones? Power amp? Controller/mixer or completely ITB? Cables? Mic stands? etc. Whatever you use.

Zoom R24, Mackie Onyx Blackjack, Art Tube pres, Reaper on PC, Event 20/20 monitors, Beyerdynamic DT-770 and Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones, various accessories of both store-bought and homebrewed nature.

Favorite mic pattern/placement for recording acoustic guitar?

Normally single point SDC, but Iím playing with spaced pair SDCs for acoustic guitar.

New gear you have your eye on?

I try to keep gear lust under control, I love the concept of doing the best with as little as possible.

How has home recording evolved for you?

I started with a 3Ē reel to reel about 50 years ago! Iím still working on itÖall the changing specifics can be seen at:
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