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Originally Posted by Acousticado View Post
l know for sure that Alistair has had a set of 6 H-S tuners for some time (I think even before they were ever mentioned on the AGF) and that he has experimented with them including trying to improve the finish, but has not been able to his satisfaction. From his time with them, he was of the opinion that they are good and robust enough and would be ideal for his guitars, especially for those with LOTS of strings, but because of the added difficulty in getting them from the Italian company for whatever reason, he has not been able to offer them which has been a disappointment.

After a long time of discussion with Alistair and Heart-Sound directly, knowing my desire for them, Alistair was finally able to source sufficient H-S tuners for my Chimaera (might have been NOS, not sure), but in the end, I have taken his advice not to go with them. So, I'm not certain if he actually ordered the 18, or not. It would be great to hear from a player who has experience with them, but it's a real long shot. I'm trusting Alistair's view.

Edit: I had asked Alistair if it would be possible to apply the same gloss black paint being used on the b&s of my new coco woody Chimaera to the H-S tuner components (exposed parts) and he said it would be, but there would be no guarantee that the paint wouldn't wear off over time, specially on the buttons or string posts.
Well, it's good news Alistair considers them as tuners that could be used. They interest me, but from searching the web, it doesn't seem there are any real reviews of them or other user experiences that people are writing about.

Hopefully these won't go the way of that French CF guitar maker. They make a few nice looking instruments, almost sent some to McNichols, then went silent and disappeared. Finally, their website vanished also. I really hoping this company makes it and their design holds up over time.
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