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Originally Posted by Acousticado View Post
You're welcome, Jon.

Alistair arranged to get them, but I believe my decision was made before he actually followed through. But as could be wrong. Of course, you can ask him.

The H-Ss could look good on an Opus guitar. I did consider the potential for a swap-out if I didn't like the H-Ss, but there will be a screw hole that will likely show...on the back of the headstock, I think, which may not bother would me, which was a factor in my final decision to just go with the 510s. If the X7 ships with the 510s as the default tuners, if you can't get the H-Ss, given that the X7 has less tension, maybe Alistair would still install the Gotoh Stealths. You could also ask him about that option.
So Alistair didn't actually get these tuners, correct?

So if he has not tried them, I wonder if we can find someone online who has been using them for a period of time? I'd like to know how they hold up over time. My concern was that the carbon on carbon gears would slowly wear away--but I have no real idea if that is a concern or not. They may be bullet proof for all I know.

It would be nice to hear actual user experience not connected to the manufacturer sometime. Off to Google now.
Back after a quick search. Found nothing at all. No reviews. No Youtube reviews either.
Maybe someone else can search and have better luck.

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