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Originally Posted by Long Jon View Post
Thanks for the comprehensive answer Tom.

So, Alistair should have at least 18 of these in his surplus parts bin . . . They might be nice to try on a plain Opus X7 (less string tension)..... Just swap 'em for Gotohs if they ever failed .
You're welcome, Jon.

Alistair arranged to get them, but I believe my decision was made before he actually followed through. But I could be wrong. Of course, you can ask him.

The H-Ss could look good on an Opus guitar. I did consider the potential for a swap-out if I didn't like the H-Ss, but Sean advised me that there will be a screw hole that will likely show...on the back of the headstock, I think, which may not bother would me, which was a factor in my final decision to just go with the 510s. If the X7 ships with the 510s as the default tuners, if you can't get the H-Ss, given that the X7 has less tension, maybe Alistair would still install the Gotoh Stealths. You could also ask him about that option.
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