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I am just trying my first amplified classical-

I like the amp more than I thought I would, even if it's old and was underwater a few hours ten years ago- I almost never play my squire strat.

At 65, the thing simply just wakes me up sometimes- and anything to inject a little playing time interest.

I really only wanted a cutaway to help me play further up the neck, and sorta annoyed that almost all of those then just put electronics in an already reduced sound box.

After I bought one, I started seeing a cheap $50 cutaway on ebay that looked exactly like the first electric classical I bought, but without the pre-amp. I took that one back anyway and got a nicer Miquel Rosales from Australia.

I like the electric a bit and will probably pick up another transistor battery amp to assault the public. I had one of those that Didn't survive that flood like the 10-15 watt Drive amp.

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