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Originally Posted by bobbyg67 View Post
Good advice Doug. i also have a martin om-28 with a k&k and spent some time dialing it in and can get quite a satisfactory tone out of the k&k.

my equipment is aer60/3, soundcraft efx8 mixer, redeye twin preamp, bodyrez, 2 qsc ten inch speakers.
taylor 714ce, martin d18, and martin om-28. with all that stuff i should be able to figure out a pretty good setup for all situations.
ah, ok, that paints a bit different picture. So if I understand right, the Taylor is a bit of a red herring, tho it's useful to know that a completely different guitar/pickup works for you. But the bigger puzzle is that you have a D-28 with a K&K that you like and a D18 with a K&K that you don't. You have a good preamp. So that rules out most of my variables. It's a bit surprising in this case, since the guitars are pretty similar, but SBTs are like that - there's a lot of variability between guitars. About the only thing you can do is try pickups until you find one you like. People will tell you X is good, and Y is good, but K&Ks work well, too (as you know from your D28). So I don't think anyone can tell you what pickup will work for you in that specific guitar, unfortunately.
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