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Originally Posted by wickedwahine View Post
Just an update on this project...I want to thank all of the AGF members that have been interviewed or submitted photos. The narrative of the book is now completed, and I am beginning the graphics layout for the coffeetable style photo version, as well as the softcover and ebook versions. I am bringing a draft to Alistair in Ireland in August for us to discuss, and the plan is to make the book available this fall.

I am just sending out a last request for anyone else that may be interested in submitting a photo of themselves with their Emerald guitar for the owner photos layout. I need to receive all photos prior to June 14 in order for then to be included. If you have not yet done so, and wish to submit one, please send me a PM. Thanks.
Drats.... I may or may not have my new one by that deadline.

I will definitely send you one prior to that deadline and then if I get my new one I'll send you another.


Todd in Chicago
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