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Originally Posted by zeeway View Post
Well, I may be chasing my tail, but the intonation on the lowest three strings is off at the twelfth fret about 20 cents to the sharp side. I can notice it in a barre F-form most of the way up the fretboard. I only checked it because my ear was not happy, and now I am getting a little OCD about it. So now I am researching intonation correction...
Let us know what you come up with. Mine is slightly off, but more on the high three. But it's very slight, and well within my tolerances. My ears have been fine with it and I only checked it out of curiosity. But I tend to get the intonation pretty precise on my electrics because it's easy to do and it's not TOO tough to manipulate these saddles to do it, I might play around with it a bit.
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