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Default Warning to rookies regarding Cordoba "How to string" video

I have been playing steel string guitars for over half a century. Recently, I bought a Cordoba Fusion Orchestra, my first nylon string guitar.

I decided to restring this new guitar after playing it a few weeks, and watched a Cordoba video on stringing a nylon guitar. Unfortunately, it was the only one I watched. The Cordoba video shows the tie at the bridge with only one "security" loop on each string. Being new to this, I thought this would be okay. Wrong! While tuning the guitar after restringing it, two of the strings suddenly let go (the knots slipped open). Each whacked the guitar top just below the bridge. Result: one deep scratch and one gouge through the finish into the wood. I was crushed and felt like a fool.

Subsequently I have watched other videos on restringing, and all of them tie with knots that use at least 2 security loops. I also learned that fluorocarbon strings are especially slippery, and high tension strings probably make that worse.

Yes, I know about ball end strings. I just wanted to warn nylon string rookies.


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