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OK, I have to revise my opinion. I picked up the guitar this morning to play, after not thinking about it for a while and not thinking about the saddle at all and was immediately struck by how loud it sounded and how well it sustained. It only took me strumming a few chords to think of the saddle, but it honestly wasn't on my mind when I picked it up, and then it was immediately apparent. So, yeah, REALLY happy with this change now. Very notable difference. For some reason, harder to tell when I was going back and forth and really TRYING to pick out the differences, but when I just picked it up without having that on my mind, in my FACE!

Sometimes I just have to let my head clear before I can see or hear things that are quite obvious when I'm not looking for them. Used to happen to me with photography all the time too - I'd work on processing a whole bunch of images and would either think very highly of myself of very poorly of myself, depending on my mood. But then I'd come back and look the next day and it was immediately apparent which ones were keepers and which were for the scrap heap.
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