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Originally Posted by GuitarLuva View Post
Gotta love Amazon! I'm surprised you never noticed a big difference. I noticed a big difference on the X30 cause I removed the element UST at the same time I changed the saddle. On the X20 though it was just a saddle swap. Maybe the X7 really is a different beast.
Very possible I'll notice more of a difference when I next change strings and do a quick A-B again. Whenever I get something new that requires some tweaking to get it right, I tend to get overwhelmed by variables and hopes/expectations and my ability to objectively judge goes out the window. Now that I have the bone saddle in and fully adjusted and I can just play with THAT for a while, I'm sure when I switch back (without having to do anything other than loosen the strings and swap saddles, I'll be able to gauge the differences and my reaction to them much more easily.

Also, there's something about moving in a presumably negative direction rather than a positive one that tends to focus my mind a bit better. I started meditating a couple of years ago and didn't really feel a difference from it until I'd been doing it for several months and then stopped for the better part of a week (travel, general crazy schedule). And then I felt a HUGE difference from NOT doing it. And was tremendously happy to be able to get back to it. I've had that happen a few other times now and I've had the same reaction each time. That's just how my mind tends to work. We'll see...

Originally Posted by Strumalot View Post

My GX came with a custom MacNichols bone saddle that was dyed black.

Here is how it looked after 17 months (sorry I don't have a sharper image)...

Dyes tend to fade. I play outside a lot, so that probably added to the fading problem.

Pigmented ink would have been a longer-lasting choice (I've used pens with black pigmented ink to make some mods on my Strat. Worked OK, might work on the bone saddles, and if some of it comes off, touch ups would be easy), however, the bone saddle was also worn out, so I replaced it with an Obliggato Black Diamond saddle.

Eventually I put the factory saddle back in ~ and as things turned out ~ I like it best.

It has held up well.
Interesting all around. I'm perfectly happy with the look of the white bone saddle, but in the process of sanding and putting it in and taking it out and getting everything tweaked, I marked one end of the saddle with a black sharpie just as a shortcut to knowing which way to orient it when I put it back in place. And that lower edge of the saddle immediately looked black as night. I'll have to look at that spot in a few weeks and see if it's faded or not, but if not, and if I ever have a desire for the saddle to be black, could it be that simple?

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