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Originally Posted by steelvibe View Post
I appreciate your insight. I would be worried to travel with an X7 though, especially by plane. So, I guess I would only use it for camping or general use where I don't want the worries that come with wood. Maybe that calls for the OF660 and the X7? What kind of strings are you liking on your new X7 Ray?

So, that actually presents a different question. Are the OF660 and X7 more alike than they are different? Or would an X20 be a better compliment to the OF660 (which I really don't want to sell at this point)? I'd be more willing to part with the Martin I think.
Well, if it was me, my calculation would be that if I'm already keeping the OF660, that covers the small parlor and travel guitar thing. So I would probably opt for something larger for my second acoustic. Like if I had kept the old style X7 and the X20 rather than just keeping the new X7. If I was gonna add a second acoustic at this point, if I was going carbon I'd probably go for something a lot bigger and mellower, like the X30. But since I just got rid of an X20 because I didn't need the size or volume, I can't really see myself adding a second one at all. Unless I win the lottery and go for some outrageously expensive wooden boutique guitar...

If you were NOT gonna keep the OF660, I'd be recommending the X7 more strongly, but I just think you'd have a lot of overlap there. Since you want to end up with two, so I'd go for a bit more differentiation between them.

As for strings on the new X7, I've played a bunch of them and I really like the Martin Retros (monels), GHS Vintage Bronze (which are very similar to the Retros), and the Newtone Heritage, which aren't quite as loud as either of the others but have a really nice sound and play really easily. So I'm doing some longer term testing with those three to see if one emerges as a favorite over time. But having three options for the occasional change of pace isn't a BAD thing. And just as I'm in the minority for preferring the sound of the X7 to the X20, I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority in term of my string preferences too. There are a lot of great choices out there - I tend to like darker and mellower personally, but many folks don't.
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