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Originally Posted by Methos1979 View Post
Unplugged I much prefer the X7's tone. In fact, I much prefer the X7 in every way. But if you need the ultimate in compact for travel you simply cannot beat the OF660. I've owned two and they were both awesome travel guitars that amplify surprisingly well. And they are a heck of a lot less expensive than the X7's.
Yes, $$$ differential is notable . The X7 is a FINE looking instrument though, the best in the Emerald lineup IMO. Even the CF weave guitars are stunners

Originally Posted by Tf View Post
For finger picking I found the OF660 to be really dark and quiet.
Yes. Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze helped give it a volume boost as did D'addario 80/20. Still on the quiet side but I think it excels in fingerstyle. Even my old school father in law said that the OF660 has really nice tone. He withheld comment about how it looks

Originally Posted by Gitaman View Post
Steelvibe, I play both everyday. To me, X7 is rich, fluffy, light, lush, rosewoodish, in comparison to OF660 which is quieter, heavier, serene, mahogany-like a touch, reminds me of giant buddhist temple bell sound, dense.

In summary, X7 is like an expensive, well-made tuxedo whereas OF660 is like Levi's denim jeans. I do not think the tone of OF660 is for everyone personally. It also lacks volume, but some days, I grab nothing but OF660 all day. I wish they could infuse some of X7 improvements like a slightly bigger lower bout and copy the cutaway as well. I love my X7 which is just awesome all around ( tons of compliments ) but for me, everynow and then, I hear a slight, hmm, like reed vibrating, soft-plastic music toy sound-like.

I am not an expert of any matters in music, just a subjective perspective.

Subjective perspective is all I ask. I agree with you about the mahogany like element to the OF660 tone and that it is "dense". That is what I actually really love for my style of play. A small CF guitar with density is a lot to ask for! Let's see, I want a guitar that is made from CF and the size of a parlor but I want it to sound dense. Most makers are gonna say "good luck with that" but Journey has it figured out. The inherent bright nature of CF comes through no matter what but it has really impressive low end regardless of what strings I've tried.

Originally Posted by raysachs View Post
You may have read my write-up already, but I moved over to carbon fiber with an X20 and then bought an old style X7 used as a companion to the X20. That was a great combination, but I found myself always playing the X7 and neglecting the X20. The old X7 didn't sound nearly as good at the player's ear because it doesn't have the offset soundhole (although it sounds quite good recorded with a mic in front of it). So I then bought a new style X7 which I like(d) so much I sold the other two and it's my only acoustic now.

To me, it's a close call but I personally like the sound of the new X7 a bit more than the X20, but I like them both a lot. And I'm quite sure I'm atypical in this preference. But even if it was a toss-up, I find the short scale X7 just a lot more fun to play for almost anything without a capo or with one up to about the 3rd fret. So, for me, it was the X7 over the X20.

But you're right, even though the X20 sounds like a full-size guitar - to me it sounds like a dreadnaught - it doesn't feel like one. The various bevels and tapers and angles make it feel more like an 000 or OM sized guitar. And similarly, the X7 sounds to me like an 000 or OM, but plays more like a parlor.

If I was gonna keep the X7 as a companion to the X20, I'd have probably kept the older one. But I would never have been happy with the older one as an only guitar and I am VERY happy with the new X7 as an only guitar. I guess I'd say if you plan to keep the OF660 and you prefer the sound of the X20 of the X7 based on the videos you've seen/heard, I'd recommend you go for the X20. If you were thinking of keeping just one carbon guitar, though and you'd want it for both traveling and as a main guitar, then I'd say go for the X7.

That said, I've never played an OF660, so I can't offer anything there, but it sounds, based on what you've said, like you should keep that for a travel guitar and have something larger for a primary...

I appreciate your insight. I would be worried to travel with an X7 though, especially by plane. So, I guess I would only use it for camping or general use where I don't want the worries that come with wood. Maybe that calls for the OF660 and the X7? What kind of strings are you liking on your new X7 Ray?

So, that actually presents a different question. Are the OF660 and X7 more alike than they are different? Or would an X20 be a better compliment to the OF660 (which I really don't want to sell at this point)? I'd be more willing to part with the Martin I think.
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