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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
Ok, here is page 1 of Shenandoah. I practiced for about an hour yesterday between the two songs and about 30 minutes tonight. I'll see if I post anything from Foggy Dew this week or maybe more of this one. It's played on my Larrivee OM-05. DADGAD, capo II. I like this soundcloud thingamabob. Its recorded in mono with Adobe Audition 1.5 using 1 Rode NT-5 mic. Later on this week I'll get my other mic out and play around with recording in stereo.

Hi TBMan I don't have headphones on me right now so I'll give it a listen tonight.

Update Day 4: found about a 1/2 hour last night and played through the arrangement that I put together in my head a bunch of times. I like it. I'm trying to keep it pretty simple. The tune is so nice on it's own that I don't want to cover it up with too much fancy stuff. I still haven't played it through without a mistake yet though. I'll try to nail it tonight.
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