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Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
Says on the google doc that the gs mini is among the largest string spacing-at-saddle of any of the guitars (several as large, none larger). Can that be true?
Yes, it is actually larger than the rest of the Taylor line, but with that said...

Originally Posted by dhalbert View Post
That was a typo, fixed to 2 3/16", which is Taylor standard. Thanks for catching that!
You were actually correct in the previous measurement, if it was 2-1/4". Taylor states that the saddle spacing on the GS Mini is 2-1/4", but I took my calipers to one of my GS Minis the other day and it was 2-3/16". It was a 2017 model, so I'm curious if Taylor switched over to 2-3/16". Most of the information on the internet that you will find will state the spacing as 2-1/4".
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