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Originally Posted by innocent75 View Post
Pulled my copy of volume 1 out last night. Went through the first few exercise as printed. A bit rusty but I haven't played much rhythm lately. I have been putting more effort into leads. Feels good to get back to rhythm playing a bit.
Glad to hear it. I think the first few lessons will make me dive back into a bit of theory to learn the chord construction to get the roots and fifths, etc. I'll probably overdo it on that part but I'll be setting myself up for what comes later.

I'm actually making a sheet where I can put a chord at the top and then I'll write down the notes that make it up to include the root (easy) and the fifths, etc. It's something that I can do a bit on the side while I have other things going on that I don't need to pay full attention to. It certainly can't hurt.
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