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Amazing,,,I have been playing guitar for 40 yrs now, teaching, bands, trios, jazz, country and bluegrass venues both for a living and a hobby. Never owned a CF guitar until a couple of years ago. My guitars went where I did in every type of weather to gigs and studios, and traveled thousands of miles in my car. Ran into clubs in torrential rains and freezing weather when I worked in Chicago.
In all those years I never even heard of a Humidipack don't think they even existed. Never even thought about humidity either, and we lived in some pretty harsh environments in the midwest. Used to give lessons in peoples homes and all year long. And in all that I Never had a guitar fail and I Never had anything but wood. My old D18 spent years being used like this and when I finally parted with it beat up and worn as it was it still played great and no cracks or damage to make it unplayable. How do you explain vintage guitars that are 50/100 yrs old still out there being used, especially in the Bluegrass arena some with noting more than refrets or neck set!
True CF guitars are impervious to many bad conditions and are synthetic objects and make a great tool for gigging in adverse conditions when you don't want to subject your fine wood to them, but sound like wood???? No Way! they just don't have the feel or personality of fine woods, they are man made materials, resins and glues etc. They may play as well from a use standpoint but .....
If they were that great in tone everyone wouldn't be trying to find one that Sounds the most like Wood! They sound like what they are, Carbon resin and glues! Why do people spend thousands of dollars extra trying to put Wood veneers on top of them? If Carbon is so pretty leave it plain.
While I have a CF guitar I really like and play a lot, my Collings and SCGC wood guitars are what I go to for most indoor venues, and when I pick up my Collings after playing my CF for a while it just amazes me the beautiful tone that it projects, there is IMO no substitute for a fine handmade wood guitar for tone. If not they wouldn't be so sought after.
Hey it's just my opinion so don't get the hairs up on the neck here, but I keep seeing these CF guitars put forth as the greatest thing since sliced bread and yes they are good but one is the same as another, cast objects of man made materials that are all the same, no luthier hands or human emotion involved in it's construction.
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