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Originally Posted by GuitarLuva View Post
Ray, I kinda shortened that previous post as I never knew you had an interest (potentially) for an X30. The X20, as we both said, sounds like a dreadnought, but feels like a concert guitar (Martin 000, Taylor GA). It's a really nice guitar and I'm happy to have one. I think its size, tone & just all around diversity makes for an excellent gigging guitar.

The X30 Jumbo is physically bigger than the X20 but feels about the size of a dreadnought in your lap, but more comfortable. I also favor bigger guitars as that's what I've been used to my whole life. Tonally is where I have a problem comparing it to something, I really think the X30 is unique and has its own voice. The way it sends those vibrations through your body as you play is simply amazing. My uncle fell in love with the X30 so that should tell you something. He's 70 so he's played his fair share of guitars in his life also. I really do miss that guitar but I'm glad he's happy with it. My aunt keeps texting me telling me he's protecting that guitar like a baby, that makes me laugh. If you liked your X20 and X7, I have no reason to think that you wouldn't like an X30 either. For what it's worth I've been stalking the Emerald website lately. I'm trying not to but I can't help it. If I never had to replace the shingles on my roof and hot water heater this year I would have another X30 on order. Maybe next year!
I just saw this - I guess I hadn't been checking this thread in a while. Thanks for the input. But it's more curiosity than "interest". I chose the X7 over the X30 mainly because I didn't really have any need for the volume or size of the X20. So I definitely don't with the X30. But I was curious because another part of what drove my decision was how similar I thought X20 and X7 sounded generally, with a few minor differences for sure. So I was thinking if I'd started with an X30 instead of an X20, it might have been different enough from the X7 that I'd have been more inclined to keep both.

I suppose it's possible someday I'll be overcome with GAS again and the X30 might be the obvious choice, except it's also such an obvious non-starter for me to go that big. There's a side of me that would love a really nice wood guitar again, but hopefully I never forget the hassles associated with caring for one, because I really don't want to go down that road again. Most of my GAS is on the electric side anyway, so it'll probably never come up. But I do find the X30 intriguing even if I can't see myself with one. I just really like what Emerald is doing and was curious.

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