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Thanks guys. Yes, I've got a lot of rooms to work with, but also ambient noise to contend with in most of them. I'm not sure self noise in the mic will be the biggest problem for me, though I appreciate it can become a factor at some point. I agree, seems like MAS may become the new GAS! I almost pulled the trigger on an AT3035 I saw for sale on eBay used for $100, but it got away from me. I grabbed the MXL instead to get started, since it was so inexpensive and got really good reviews. Then I saw the AKG, and the different polar patterns intrigued me. It was less expensive used than a new Bahringer B2, and I trust AKG more as used eq, I hope I like it. It does have self noise of only 15db, not the worst. I can easily see trading up to an AT2035 from the MXL at some point, if that mic doesn't work out. But what I'm thinking I'd get next might be a pair of matched small diaphragm condensers. If I could find a pair of Lewitt 140 matched, that sounds like they would be ideal. But those are discontinued, so there are other options I'll look into later. I've got enough to work with now for sure.

The R8 is an amazing little tool, compact but loaded with stuff that will take me awhile to figure out what all is in there. That's why I got it, I saw all the features and realized it would keep me occupied for quite awhile. I'm sure it has it's limitations, but should keep me busy finding them. Thanks for the tip on 24-bit, the setup alone on this thing is involved. It's not a plug-n-play unit for sure.

We've come a long way from cassette recorders.
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