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Default Heading into the finish

Aaaaannnd, we're heading into the "finish" for this build.

I received a stunning update today from Joel letting me know the guitar has officially been built! We have some sanding, pore filling, and then the finish goes on. Obviously, we're not done yet as all this takes more time and a lot of elbow grease, but we're seeing the "finish" line now.

Even though we're not completed yet and I've get to hear a note played from this guitar, I must say that Joel has been wonderful to work with. I am already well beyond my early expectations and cannot wait to see what this beautiful instrument will look like and sound like. After the accolades of those who had the opportunity to play and handle some of Joel's instruments at the B.I.G. show, I am certain this beauty is going to sing and stun with its looks and its voice.

Here follow a few photos before final sanding and pore-filling.

I wasn't expecting this maple matched backplate on the headstock. We have some beautiful Ebony on the frontside and this stunning maple on the back. A fabulous contrast of beautiful woods.

Then here's a couple of real "oh wow" shots of her frontside...

Thanks for looking in. There will be more to come!
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