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Default Fretboard and Neck Build

Thought I would post a quick update this morning as I've busy as of late with preparations for an out-of-country group excursion. In conversation with Joel, I understand he has been busy also, with final prep work on some guitars he will be taking in a couple weeks to the B.I.G. extravaganza in San Antonio. I'm sure going to miss being at this All-Star event, but know we'll all be able to live vicariously through those sharing their photos and memories with us here on the AGF...right ??? all you folks attending the B.I.G.?

Without further ado, here are some of the latest photos from this build featuring the bound and purfled fretboard and a couple in-process photos of the neck build. Included also are Joel's explanation for the photos.

The fretboard is now completed... slotted, purfled and bound.

Here’s the neck blank with the trussrod slot cut and the spline that will be glued in place over the trussrod.

The front headstock overlay is glued in place, and the fretboard is currently pinned in place. The plexi template in the picture will be used as the routing template to cut the profile of the headstock...and the fretboard itself will be used as the routing template to count the profile of the neck.

Thanks for tuning in!!! More to come!
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