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Default Fretboard Slotting

We're moving quickly from Neck building to Fret Slotting... It feels like we're cruising along at light speed at this juncture. This naturally, makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, but I'll need to temper my anxiousness. I know the lacquer process tends to resemble a hibernation of sorts during the long, slow, curing process, but it's all good and part of the joy of the custom build journey.

Joel provided me with a delightful surprise this morning with some fresh update pics of the fretboard slotting process. I know there are tooling junkies here, so I'll start of the photo spread with a pic of Joel's fret-slotting jig.

Because of resizing, it will be difficult to see the great quality of the Ebony Joel is using for this build, but it is truly exceptional (in my opinion...although, I'm not wood grader). Here's a photo of an Ebony blank next to my slotted fretboard with the follow-up pic a close-up of the fretboard still jigged up.

Finally, we have a look at the fretboard slotted and purfled... WOOOOWeeee that Koa is gonna pop loud under finish next to that glorious Ebony!

Thanks for looking! There's more to come...

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