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Originally Posted by GaultierRedon14 View Post
The purflings on the back really work nicely. Beautiful.
I agree. The colors really did coordinate well, especially under a finish.

Originally Posted by peteybabes View Post
Stunning! is there a possibility of a sound clip? I'd like to hear this beast.
The guitar is now in the hands of the new owner and he has been playing it in church. Unfortunately he only has access to recording from his iPhone which probably isn't the best representation of what the guitar actually sounds like.

Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
Another amazing McKnight!
Thanks GF.

Originally Posted by FLRon View Post
I can only imagine.....
Ron, you need to plan a road trip and come visit us. We would gladly share some of our snow with y'all.

Originally Posted by j. Kinnaird View Post
Very pretty guitar Tim. Iím sure it sounds wonderful and plays like butter (to coin a phrase)
Thanks John and I'm trying to be humble but it does sound pretty dern great if I don't say so myself
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