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Originally Posted by John Arnold View Post
I have played too many guitars with slab cut or other less than straight-grained Brazilian RW that sounded stellar. And checking tap tones of wood sets blindfolded has taught me that there is little or no correlation between these aspects and the actual sound produced.
You also mention tight grain, like it makes a consistent difference. I have not found that to be an 'etched in stone' rule, either.
I am not saying that straight grain is not preferred, both by Martin and many enlightened luthiers (me included). But like I said before, that is because it is both easier to build with and is less likely to warp and crack, particularly if treated badly. That does not automatically translate to better sound, however.

Very fascinating ! the things we think we know and understand that turn out not to be the case. Looks like it's time for me to revise that mental template.
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