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Default Aloha Matt - Used May Be The Best Value For You

Aloha Matt,

I already mentioned the Yamaha HSS80M's which are the best sounding monitors in your price range ($500-650 street), IMO, that I have heard.

The smaller Yamaha HSS50's are also very nice, but may need a sub if your mixes get louder, more electric, bassier or busier.

Other brands in your price range are KRK RP8 G2, some JBL's (I think 2325 or so), M-Audio, Alesis, Behringer and Fostex.

KRK's, though I can't recommend them for sound myself, ARE in your price range and many really like them (it's one of Sweetwater's Best Sellers).

However, I would strongly encourage you to save up for a new or used pair of Adam A7's - which I've never seen listed under $900 anywhere because they hold their value so well. A pair of those would be worth saving up for, as I currently have been for awhile It has taken me over a year, with some setbacks to save, But I'm patient and persistent about things I want to get.

I know that you have monitors now, right? Stick with 'em awhile longer and save up an extra $500 or so, less for used, because those Adam A7's ARE simply amazing for their price.

All the Best!

A Hui Hou!

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