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...and back to reality.

The short version: I measured once then cut when I should have measured again and adjusted.

What I should have done was to notch away the kerfing at the ends of the upper transverse brace and then marked at the intersection of the inner face of the sides and the top of the UTB. Instead I marked a line at the kerfing and now I may have a 1/8" gap at each end of the upper transverse brace where there needs to be 100% contact with the inside surface of the sides.

All is not lost but the worst case scenario is that I may have to chip out the entire UTB and start over with a new one.

Best case is that I put side braces at each gap and hope that I get a good glue joint. With hope it will be stronger than what I intended to do which was to glue the open grains of the UTB to the inside surface of the sides. I'm told that that doesn't make for a good glue joint so that it needs to be reinforced above the brace with something that IS a good glue joint with the sides.

I need to sleep on this.
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