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I saw doubts that Lava is not made of carbon fibre. No doubt, it is made from CF for shure.
Carbon fibre is know to be condctive to electricity. I took multimeter and measured the resistance from inside of the quitar andI got 200oM resistance when probes were in 1cm distance from each other. I did not measure from outside because outer paint is not CF I suppose

Traditional carbon fibre has a lot lower resistance, but do not forget that Lava is made of composite that specifications can vary from traditional layered CF. For example 3D printer filaments with CF (~20%) are not conductive at all. So Lava is definitely made of CF composite or close to 100% CF.

BTW. Anyone knows how to change the LiOn battery in Freeboost version? It may be needed in a year or two when the battery gets old. It is good to know in advance.
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