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Default Great Travel Guitar

Iíve been playing acoustic guitar since 1977. In all these years, Iíve owned many many guitars. I play live every few months and do lots of composing/recording.
I bought this guitar a week ago for a variety of reasons.
Firstly, I live in a subtropical environment and own a very expensive Martin that is now struggling due to humidity. Itís a beautiful guitar but itís in need of specialised repair now, which is not available in my area. Iím watching it fade away and am absolutely considering cutting my losses and selling it.
Secondly, I liked the various video reviews for the Lava, particularly of the onboard chorus and delay. Just seemed like a nice idea.
Finally, I bought it because I was going camping for a week and needed a small/light travel guitar that wouldnít mind being in a hot tent during the day.
Iíve owned it for a week and hereís what Iíve discovered:
The build is great, being a one piece ďcarbon fibreĒ (sort of) instrument - i.e. the neck and body are one - I have the feeling that itís solid. I like the action and the playability a lot. The neck feels great. Frets are nice. Machine heads are quality and keep it in tune. A lot of thought went into the engineering of this guitar.
The sound is better than I thought it would be. Definitely more on the treble end but good volume and sustain. Easily as good as any more expensive wooden guitars Iíve had.
While I like the internal delay/chorus, I found that I used the internal effects sparingly as the guitar is just fine without them. This being said, I donít regret paying the extra to have them included as they offers a nice option should the wish for a different sound arise. This isnít a criticism of the installed ďfree boostĒ module but rather a comment on how good the guitar sounds on its own. This was a surprise given its size.
It was baked in a hot tent during midday but stayed in tune and seemed happy and content. This is maybe the guitarís most important selling point. I have a feeling that itíll will be around for a long time without the need for repair.
Itís small. If you like to play solos high up on the neck you should probably stay away. It plays nicely with a capo on the 7th, which is mostly as high as I like to go.
Overall the guitar has exceeded my expectations at this point. No regrets at all.
My Martin is looking at the new Lava Me 2 with some concern . . .
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