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Hi, enjoy your guitar! I also have a 1972 D-28, but my story is not as meaningful as yours. In 1972 I was living in an apartment on the third floor after dropping out of college. Music was my passion, and although I had employment, I wasn't earning much.

I wanted a Martin guitar, so I basically starved myself for a couple of months, living on rice, beans, and pasta. Eventually I had the cash, and a local music store cut me a deal on a new D-28. I played that Martin daily for the next several months, but got foolish and traded it to get a Gibson SG (no, I don't have that one either). I've always regretted selling the D-28.

Fast forward about 45 years and many guitars later. I found another 1972 D-28 in pristine condition. It is now my favorite guitar. I have been through many guitars in my lifetime, and some that I have sold are painful memories. But the original D-28 I really missed, and now it's almost as if it has been returned to me.
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