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Hi Guys. I am from Singapore and I own both the LM and Lava Me 2 version. Got the LM2 on the first day of 2019. I like it very much and I choose the blue one! It has the free boost system, which is very similar to Yamaha’s Trans-acostic (TA) system. I usually play it without plucking it into an amplifier. If I want or need it to be louder, I just turn on the Free Boost (TA) by pressing a button on the top of the guitar.

Now for its cons (as opposed to pros). Its nut width is even slightly smaller than 1 11/16” and unsuitable for guys with big hands and stumpy fingers. And knowing how many guys on AGF dislike the GS Mini because of its smaller nut width (1 11/16”), the LM2 is out of contention for many people on AGF. Yes, the tiny top sound hole is too small to slip your hand into it. Its scale length is 23.5”.

I would describe its tone as warm and very balanced. It is fairly loud and resonant for a small guitar (as loud as a GS Mini) without using the Free Boost (TA). No, it doesn’t slip off my lap while playing it seated. I am not sure if it is made of some other material that is not Carbon Composite (CF).

Hope this is informative and somewhat helpful. I don’t think the Supplier ships this guitar to the US at the moment. So for now, enjoy the Rainsong and Emerald CF guitars that are available.

The usual IMHO and YMMV applies.
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