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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

Thank you bringing this to the forum. I had seen the guitar before now, but it looks as though there have been some improvements and some effort at publicity. I wonder if this instrument was at NAMM?
Hi Evan,

I doubt they were at NAMM. But the Singaporean dealer whose shop I visited went to NAMM. He told me Lava Me has a huge domestic market back in China and they would focus more back home and may branch out later. Our Singapore shop here has the full range of Lava Me guitars and I am fortunate to try hence the quick review. The guitar is into its ver 2.0 now with onboard reverb and delay function plus the ToneWoodAmp alike amplification. Price is around $700USD. All Satin finished. Blue is my choice color. Dealer told me some tourists grab as many as 6-7 pieces home.

I am on the fence mainly of the texture and the questionable material. Construction looks neat, but can be too much like a toy. Sound is definitely big and full range for the price. Purist will turn away because of the non CF weave look.
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