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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
Well, a lot of the sound you will get will depend on the strings you decide to put on the GK Pro. I've got the GK Pro with Rosewood sides and back.

If you plan on plugging it in, you could dial in any sound...

The GK models with cypress sides and back will not give you the classical sound that you are asking about.

I've had mine for about 4 years now. It's not quite the warm classical sound as a standard classical guitar, but it's very close. It's extremely versatile and I can play a number of different genre's on it.. Finger style jazz is awesome on it.

The inherent design of the GK (Gypsy King) can give it a bit of a flamenco sound to it. But if you tweak the neck relief and string height a little bit, it's as close to classical as you can get.

Some folks will tell that any nylon string guitar with a cutaway isn't "classical".

Yup. Traditionalists/purists exist in all genres and don't accept change. I can say that after owning many nylon classicals and flamencos... there is plenty of crossover. No, my GK Pros and F10 aren't quite as warm, full-bodied, and loud as the C12 SP/IN was for the traditional classical tones. But they are all easily close enough and frankly, if a competant player is playing... that makes a far greater difference than what he's playing. I find most classicals to play more stiffly than flamenco oriented models. Which is why the latter is generally all I play anymore.
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