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Originally Posted by Whitey#1 View Post
Ok, forgive my ignorance here, but...Ö

What is a Tele?

What is a Strat?

Tele is short for Telecaster, and Strat is short for Stratocaster. Both are Fender designs, and extremely popular.

When youíre starting out, you need something thatís easy to play. Sound wont matter much because, youíll be busy learning chord shapes and basic scales, and not exactly making much music. The Classic Vibe Series Strat or Tele are great guitars, but there are more budget friendly guitars that play just as good, but lack the higher quality hardware and electronics. Again, those things wonít matter as much as playability when starting out. And like someone else said, youíll need an amp.

Hereís my recommendations for starter guitars:

Squier Affinity series Strat or Tele $200
Epiphone Les Paul Special $150-$250

Those 3 guitars are three of the most iconic designs and have their own vibe, tone, feel, and personality. Itís like Chevy and Ford.

As for amp? I highly recommend a Fender Mustang I ($120) to start out. It sounds great, and has enough amp models and effects for you to discover what tone youíre looking for.
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