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Originally Posted by David M123 View Post
The story is out now that he has been admitted to the hospital with a stomach illness. I expect that explains him not being on top of his form. Hopefully he will be back in a couple of days.
I read that. Hopefully he's ready to go - we need him!

Originally Posted by Jim Owen View Post
Another nail biter in the 9th. Remember when Kimbrel used to come on and mow through the heart of the order?

I sure miss those days.
Not sure what happened to Kimbrel.

I was shocked when I saw Price was pitching. I read an ESPN article today about the game and they made it seem like Price pitched well because after 0-10 in playoff games he started his team finally got a win, even though he had a no decision.

But - series tied 1-1. Go Red Sox!
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