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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
For Winfred: since I was unfamiliar with the Zoom Q2n-4k, I took a few minutes to look it up. Looks like a slick little unit for doing videos, if you don't already have an iPhone or equivalent. For $220, it seems to have some of the capability of the Zoom H4n Pro (audio recorder) with a camera similar to a low level GoPro (without the weather-proof capability). I don't see a downside to that.

Those cameras have a relatively wide angle view - any of the narrower views are "digital cropping," so with each increase in apparent focal length, you are getting less data. Just something to keep in mind, if the view of the camera seems a bit too wide for your use. "Zooming in" will result in less video quality.

That $220 is less than the cost of an audio recorder and most action camera video recorders (which typically have crap audio). Looks to me like it would be an inexpensive way to get into making some YouTube videos.

I'm guessing that the $20 increase is due to the same reason the Shure MV88+ is out of stock almost everywhere: increased interest in making videos because everyone is home, with plenty of time on their hands.

Good luck with the options!
Hi Captain Jim!

You're a real talent and have been enjoying your recordings! I hadn't heard that, "Please Come to Boston" since when I'd hear it on the radio years ago. They seemed to play it in the fall when college started and it was hard for the protag of the song to leave his loved one, a great song you do very well with, and the others too!

I just wanted to pass this by you and have to decide very soon because of prices going up on things (Zoom q8 went up $50 suddenly and the q2n-4k up $20 with quite a few stores.) and also things selling out. I think hyper inflation looms too.

I have a new Scarlet 2i2 still sealed in box since January, a foolish mistake. Would audio be just as good quality with the q8 and I don't need the 2i2 and sell it? I have two hardly used great condenser mics, a matched pair, stored 17 yrs ha! My desktop (Windows 10) and laptop (Windows 7) are 8 yrs old and both “Duo-Core”. I must record in quiet corner of my Senior high-rise late at night, so “my plan”... sneak with guitar on my back, roller suitcase with mics (2 pop screens, and shock mounts too), 25ft long mic cables (Is 25 ft too long and lose power etc?), mic stands, q8 to be (hard to boycott Amazon but bad treatment of employees over CoVid19), camera tripod to be, desk lamp for lighting ha!, maybe bring laptop if I must (Is laptop necessary when filming, and Windows 7 too old?) or can I later add slight reverb etc once I download into my desktop? Recording just my vocals, acoustic guitar with no plug-in, and harmonica, hoping to post my original music, also 1 or 2 covers, on YouTube. Is all that doable? Do I need to copyright my originals and pay some kind of fee if I play a cover?

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