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Originally Posted by Winfred View Post
Hi Captain Jim!

I searched the Spire and looked at the H4n. I'm glad to know about the Spire and some day maybe I'll get one. Right now all I want to try is YouTube just to see if the general public, beyond the open mics I've played at, responds to my music. I just feel the open mic people are more empathetic than the general public. I was going to try my music to the general public at coffeehouse gigs and had contacted some owners of coffeehouses yet just before performing the virus CoVid19 hit.

I need some visual means as I plan to create videos of me playing for YouTube, yet I feel they'll be bored looking at just me ha! Another artist makes sense in that others want to see the artist because they want to learn how they played a particular song. My chords are very easy, so maybe the first verses, then the bridge, then maybe go to nice scenes etc. that could go with my song. With "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell, I'll get permission to play it, then post it. Once they see my simple chords it would go to maybe nice pictures of clouds or free video clips from some of the sites with clouds, like from "pixabay" or one of those free sites. I don't think anyone will click on my original song... so planning just one cover at first to attract viewers to my originals, that's if anyone even clicks on my cover song ha! I guess with the clouds clips that means having to learn editing software, a problem that I guess is inevitable for me to surmount and maybe after-all just have it where the camera is on me and that's all, a simpler route.

I have 2 nice condenser mics, a matched pair too, from years ago I've kept carefully stored for 17 years in the original boxes, and I learned the q8 by Zoom has plug-ins for that, so maybe get the q8... but then I read the q8 only has 2.3K resolution, yet others say it has 3K. I just need to look at videos of the q8 today and decide, but maybe not... more below. I guess at this point I don't need the big mics and maybe just get the q2n-4k by Zoom and save money. The problem then is, the big "if". If my original songs that follow my cover song draw a lot of clicks, then with the q8 I could, I guess... record superior quality to the q2n-4k and post my original songs for sale on like Spotify etc. With my YouTube video I could have a link so they could buy my song at Spotify.

What I'm leaning is with the q8 I have two things in one. Let me know what you think... I didn't mention yet that I bought in early January the Scarlet 2i2 3rd Generation that sits still sealed in the original box. I was befuddled over it thinking it was depressing having to learn more software, and other reasons. I guess I could sell the 2i2 as I guess, but not sure, what I record with the q8 and the condenser mics would sound just as good in quality as the 2i2. Is that right? I could then if I get the q8 sell my 2i2 on like Craigs List. Does that sound like the right thing? Maybe I should buy the q8 for that reason? It's kind of intense as I'm seeing prices jump and yesterday saw at least 2 online stores increasing the price of a q8 by $50 more, and some stores noting it's sold out!! I also for 17 years still have the mic stands and nice XLR cables. I also in January had purchased 2 pop filters and 2 shock mounts for the condenser mics that are also still new in the boxes. Do you think recording with the q8 would be just as good as recording (sound wise of course) with the 2i2 so in my case having the q8 would be like two things in one, a better deal? Thanks a million for all of the time you took for an unknown like me! Sorry my learning curve is so flat! I understand if you don't have time...

Kindest Regards,
Hi Winfred - It really comes down to what you want to spend and what you expect for a return. I don't mean to be a nay-sayer, but if you put a YouTube video up, expecting to see a gazillion views, you may be disappointed.

I have been putting out an occasional YouTube video for years (different genres: but mostly motorcycles/scooters, boating/dolphin watching, and music), and most get fewer than 100 views. If the result you are after is a lot of people seeing it, you will have to promote the heck out of it - send the link to everyone you know and encourage them to send to everyone they know, post it on other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the in-thing is currently). Keep in mind that you are competing for attention with people who post stuff for a living and have some truly professional equipment and staff to support that.

Do an internet search on whatever piece of equipment you are considering, and you will see dozens (maybe hundreds) of videos with unboxing, use, and reviews. It will also give you some insight into why some of those videos are so much better than others... and that is usually reflected in the number of views.

Just like building a music career, you have to beat back the concern and put something out there. Do a hundred videos and you will learn what works for you and what doesn't. Do one video and it may get lost in the sheer numbers of videos that are uploaded every second.

This is absolutely NOT intended to talk you out of doing it - just the opposite: you need to use any bit of equipment you have to start generating content. You can always get better equipment as you progress. Those mics and that audio interface that are sitting in boxes aren't going to record themselves... time to get 'em out and start making some music. No camera? Put it on SoundCloud. Record it again when you get a video camera. Record it again when you get a better camera and/or mic. You will learn a little bit by doing one video... you will learn a lot more by staying at it and putting out more videos.

Our daughter is a middle school teacher. We volunteer in her classroom for special projects. If you ask that age kid what they want to do when they're out of school, the majority of them say they want to be a YouTube star or a social influencer. That's your competition. They already have no fear of any kind of media and they upload posts with next to nothing for equipment.

All this to say: it matters less what equipment you buy and more about getting it out there... covers, originals - yes, all of it. Go for it!
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