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First up, I don't think MF's $3,299.99 is MSRP from Martin.

Price a D-28 and MSRP starts at $3,599. Customize it on the Martin site and you get a MSRP at $4411 to maybe $4,832.

Option prices adding to the base:
VTS Sitka Spruce top - $520
Ebony headplate overlay - $210
Gotoh open gear tuners - $82 (cheapest of the Gotoh open gear options)
Custom Shop Luthier Service - $419 (Questionable here, since MF will be marked "Special", not "Custom")

If I haven't brought a MF Special D18 VTS a couple of months ago, I would be waiting for the arrival of this SDOTD myself. And as it is, I finding this a extremely powerful pull on the wallet today.
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