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I've purchased locally and through MFG and Elderly. My local dealer will do 40% off but with 10% sales tax. The clear benefit is that I am supporting a local business that I like very much. Good repair and set up operation as well. Big plus is that I get to actually play the guitar before I buy it.

The downsides buying locally is the sales tax (this is gradually disappearing) and the fact that there is definitely shop wear. Online, internet only dealers may only take the guitar out of the case once, check the setup, photograph it (maybe) and put it back in the case. No hanging on the wall for several months being played and sometimes abused. Generally online dealers will also have a larger selection of models although not necessarily brands.

I guess I'm trying to say is pricing and discounts are certainly important, but there are other factors to be considered in making such a large $ purchase.

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