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Originally Posted by Jopapa View Post
This subject nags at me. I bought my first Martin a few weeks ago. $1,899 for a 2014 000-18 in mint condition. I came home smiling ear to ear. I signed up for The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum only to read about 40% discounting on new Martins. As you can imagine, I felt utterly stupid (and kept that info away from my wife). I've played electrics for decades and know, for instance, how much a 2020 or 2014 MIA strat should cost. But I had no idea that such big discounts were out there for Martins.
You can take consolation in the fact that you got to play it first. A rarity among forum sponsor purchases. So in some respects you're better off by having played it before buying it. And you probably only (not that it's small change) paid a little more for that privilege. For what it's'll know better next time. And Martin's are like Lays potato never quite satisfies!
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