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Yay! we've got another one! (Screams to the army of 12 fret fanatics behind me)

btw .10" (2.54mm) is a nice action height... edit oops just read that was at the 9th fret, thats alittle weird idk why they would do that haha, id ask for them to measure at the 12th

Its likely to be a tad bit higher at the 12th that means but some people who are in the strictly classical vein even like 3.5mm at the 12th. And keep in mind even with a higher than usual action (for a steel string) the nylon strings are alot more flexible and 'softer' so it wont feel as harsh as how high action on a steel string would feel. I like really low action even on nylon string guitars personally.

Like the last person said just make sure if it is higher than what you would prefer- than there is enough saddle height to bring the action down while maintaining a decent break angle. Or if its the neck that needs to be adjusted than make sure it has a truss rod. But i suspect its the saddle
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