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Tomorrow, March 3, 2019, I am hosting an NCAL meeting in my shop. A number of you readers are in the SF bay area, and several of you have come to meetings in the past. All who are interested are welcome.

The meeting is from 2 till 5, and coming an hour early will give you a chance for informal conversation and horsetrading. I call it schmoozing. I will be giving a presentation on how I lay out lines on a rectilinear neck blank and then carve it, including why the lines go where they do, and how they control the neck profile. I have been doing this for many years, and only recently learned that many makers do not seem to have such a system, which in my mind makes the job a great deal more challenging, especially if there are specific goals.

I will then actually do the work I am describing using the neck I am making for Jmat's 000.

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