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Originally Posted by Tim McKnight View Post
Itís kind of hard to see on my iPad but Iíll play ... Top to bottom:
Indian or African Ebony? Its hard to tell but its a beauty!
ABW was my first guess but now that I look at this one on another monitor there is a reddish hue so this one may be Coco?
It's too brown on another monitor to be ABW so Macassar Ebony?
Some sort of RW, perhaps Dalbergia Maratima?
Good guesses, Tim. Only, I'm not as exotic as you give me credit.
First one--correct. Second one- first answer was correct.
Third (maybe the hardest)--um...not quite.
Fourth--wow--think further East.

Thanks for playing along. Did I mention there's a free t-shirt involved in first correct guess?!!!