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Personally I've always liked the Bose sound and have used their home stereo products for about 40 years. To me it sounds exactly like what my ears are wanting from an amplified sound. When I first started gigging again, I bought an L1C loved the sound (I still have it and still use it for some gigs). The main way I use it now is for larger, more crowded rooms is to mix through one of my Fishman Loudboxes and line out into the Bose. I also picked up a Bose S1 pro over the summer and it is great for a lot of gigs. I feel like in order for me to hear it well enough to use it as a monitor, I have to have the volume up too high for intimate gigs. My Loudbox Artist is much better for lower volume, intimate gigs and it will handle a really noisy room as well. I also have a Loudbox Performer as well, but I may be selling it in the future because the Artist will cover most everything it does and if I need more coverage, I'll just line out into the L1C.

One thing I don't understand is why folks are saying that an S1 Pro isn't an acoustic amp. It really is and I use mine for the same applications as my Loudbox amps, just choosing one over the other based on the venue I'm playing. Just as you can't use the same wrench for every nut, you have to choose your sound system based on the venue you're playing.
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