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I have an AER Compact 60 and did a demo several years ago with it and a Bose L1 Compact. At the time I preferred the AER 's guitar sound but the L1 was truly superb for vocals.

I also now have a couple of Bose S1 Pros which are good but the bass is very wayward and overblown. That's not a problem for acoustic guitar and vocals though and I bought them for the battery power.

I have owned a pair of QSC K12s for a number of years as my main FOH speakers (as a sound guy for hire and for my own bands) and love them for acoustic music as well as for electric bands. They are a completely different animal to the Bose L1 and S1, much louder and, with a sub, capable of amplifying a full band to a decent sized audience.

WRT the S1 Pros, if you need it to run on batterys they are better sounding to my ears than the alternatives (bass issues notwithstanding) but if you don't there are much better speakers out there for the price (Yamaha DXR range for starters).
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