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If money is absolutely no issue, get the JBL Line Array. It will blow away any other sound system ever mentioned in AGF. But it will cost over 5 grand. Ouch! So I have and use weekly for gigs two Bose S1's on poles with an EAE small amp at my feet for a monitor. BUT I go first to the EAE Stompmix 6 and use that eq out to the EAE amp then to the Bose pair. The whole system is helped along with my EAE Stompmix 6 preamp/mixer/effects. This system is top of the line for under $2000. The tone and power from this is truly high end and can be used for audiences up to 200 people. My two custom Bourgeois and Taylors sound much better than any single amp or other system I have heard. My vocal is also awesome through this system and helps me sound like that.... and lord knows I need it.
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