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The biggest problem audiophile types have with Bose is their inflated price. In their opinion (and they are not wrong) you can get way more bang for your buck than Bose. That said, Bose has been very innovative with their technology and packaging and not unlike Harley Davidson they are near genius at branding and brand-loyalty.

I always liked the Bose 'colored' sound so I embraced their small bluetooth speakers early on and also their noise-cancelling headphones. So when the S1 came out I was quick to jump onboard with that system and although there are more and more similar systems hitting the market every year I have not seen anything that makes me want to change.

All that said, and admitted Bose S1 fanboy that I am, to go back to the original question of the original post, I still think that many might be better served by a dedicated acoustic amp depending on just what you're looking for and what your budget is.

There is just SO much great gear out there right now. There's literally something for everyone and it's all great stuff. It's a wonderful time to be an acoustic guitar player!!
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