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Originally Posted by robj144 View Post

I'm using Fruity Loops and it has ADC, but it records fine as is.

I'm trying to record all MIDI... no audio. The sessions have a tempo which can be set. For instance, it could be 120 bpm. When I record faster than 120 bpm, it seems to adjust to 120 bpm and it alters the recording. For slower music, it's fine and exactly like I recorded live.
Humm well I am not familiar with FL so in a general sense it sounds like possibly a tempo automation issue

Still confused by what you mean "When I record faster" Again are you using a click to record to ?
Do you mean you set the tempo at say 120 but you simply play faster say start 1/4 notes and then switch playing say 16th notes ( if so it should play that back just fine at the set tempo)

Or do you mean you change tempo settings within the session? Where say you start recording at 120 for one section of the song and then reset the tempo meter to say 140 to record a new section ? if so , and if you are not setting tempo automation, then yes it will play at the original 120 no matter what setting you try later in the session

Or Do you mean that when you set the tempo meter faster than 120 it still seems to play back 120 ?
If that is case then the first thing to make sure is that you have not accidentally engaged tempo automation on that track which could be moving the tempo to 120 for playback no matter what you set the tempo meter to while recording , in that specific session ..

If it is only that session and there is no tempo automation on that track, then it could be a corrupted session file for just that session.
If it happens on all sessions and you are sure you do not have tempo automation on as some kind of default preference , then it could be an corrupted file for FL itself and you might try deleting FL and reinstalling it .
Beyond that I do not know but you might need to talk to FL support .
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