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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
While many here do record only audio , there are also some people on this subform that record both midi and audio (like me), so help is quite possible

I may be able to help but first a bit more detailed info would be very helpful.

First are you recording audio and then midi or just all midi ?

What types of midi instruments are you recording ?

What DAW are you using?
Does it have ADC - automatic delay compensation ?

Are you using a click ?

Exactly what do you mean recording midi faster than the session tempo ? (unless you mean the tempo of already recorded audio)

Also how Quantizing behaves depends of the what type or setting is used .
Straight quantization moves mistimed notes to the closest grid line. Or (depending on DAW) you can set quantisation to vary the note placement to have a more humanized feel Or some DAWS offer capturing a live performance and quantizing the midi to that performance timing (It all depends on what features the DAW you are using has .

I'm guessing you are trying to record midi to already existing audio otherwise with all midi I don't see how timing could and issue as the midi performance should just lock to whatever tempo you designate regardless of what tempo you recorded it at

For example when I record midi drums I usually record it 1/2 the tempo I will want the finished session to be at, then when the midi drums are done I can just reset the session tempo and the drums are good to go

I'm using Fruity Loops and it has ADC, but it records fine as is.

I'm trying to record all MIDI... no audio. The sessions have a tempo which can be set. For instance, it could be 120 bpm. When I record faster than 120 bpm, it seems to adjust to 120 bpm and it alters the recording. For slower music, it's fine and exactly like I recorded live.
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