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Default Midi recording question

Maybe no one here can help, but I'd figure I'd ask. I also might already know the answer to my question, but want to confirm.

When I record a "live" midi track using my midi keyboard WITHOUT any snapping or quantization, if I record at a high tempo and play it back, the midi track plays back at a different tempo and the articulations are different than what I played live. It sounds a lot different than how it played it live. However, when I play slower, it sounds exactly like what I played live. Is this because I'm playing at a tempo faster than the session tempo? I thought that only mattered when quantizing and the recorded tempo would just fit in the session tempo. Like if I recorded at 200 bpm and the session tempo was 100 bpm, it would just be two notes per beat but still play back normal like what was recorded. I thought that if quantizing was on, it would try to fit notes in to different spots and then it would sound different.

If anyone could help, that would be great. I tried to Google and found things that were similar, but not enough to answer my question.
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